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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, UVA, which causes pigmentation and wrinkles are still in effect on rainy or cloudy days and can damage skin through indoor glass windows. Also, indoor fluorescent lights have the same effect as ultraviolet light. If you apply sunscreen 365 days a year, you can prevent skin aging by 80 to 90 percent.

Many women use cosmetics that don't fit their skin, just as most women wear bras that don't fit them. It's hard to pinpoint skin types. Always feeling dry, you may think your skin is dry, but it's likely not. You have oily skin that lacks moisture, but you may feel that your skin is dry, making your acne worse by applying thick moisturizing cream. Skin types can also change.  Because skin can change according to season, age, environment, and health conditions, it is important to choose cosmetics appropriately according to skin condition. not skin type.

If your skin has become sensitive due to rosacia or
acne, choose serum, soothing gel, and moisturizing lotion that soothes the
redness of your skin rather than oily cream, and oily cream types should be
avoided because they can cause trouble.

Be sure to use a whitening serum if you want to see a
light effect on your skin pigmentation.

Recommend : Vitamin c 20 serum, vitamin c vitamin c essence, Ibedenon

Dehydrated skin. If you see pores on the side of your
nose, it's not a dry skin but a combination skin. In fact, Dry Skin and
Dehydrated Skin are not easy to distinguish.

Basic moisturizing products are effective in choosing light products and
intensive care using moisture-rich serum, ampoule, and mask.

Recommend : Hyaluronic serum , Diamond Ampoule , Aloe
, jojoba moisture mask  

Most acne-prone skin cosmetics sold on the market are
tailored to adolescent acne, which can cause excessive sebum removal and dry
skin. For acne-prone skin aged 25 or older, it is recommended to use both acne
products and moisturizing cosmetics.

Recommend : AC set , Hydrolight lotion  

 Most anti-aging products are made with a
lot of focus on dry skin, so oily products can cause non-lipoma. Therefore,
choose a product or serum that is suitable for skin type among products for
aging skin.

Tip: If you have oily skin, choose a wrinkle serum and choose a regular lotion
type rather than a highly concentrated cream type during the moisturizer

Even if you wash your face in the evening, you can't
skip washing your face in the morning. The oiliness of sebum, waste, and skin
care products used in the evening remains during sleep, so wash your face
according to skin type. If you put on makeup without removing waste from the
night, it can lead to skin trouble. Especially in the summer, when UV rays are
strong, you should pay more attention to morning cleaning