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Category: Mask

Jewelry Gold: A nourishing and luxurious mask with 24k gold that revitalises and renews the skin.

Key ingredients

  • Gold colloid 0.01%: Balances hormone, activates skin, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, inhibits melanin production. Prevents and soothes inflammation on sensitive and acne prone skin. Promotes blood circulation through ionic action, restores skin elasticity and boosts radiance.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen: Reduces flakiness, restores skin elasticity and brings back skin vitality.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Boosts Hyaluronic Acid production and preserves optimal levels of hydration
  • Allantoin: Promotes epidermal cell renewal and accelerates wound healing with moisturising, soothing, anti-irritant properties.
  • 1kg $200

  1. Wash face thoroughly and It's even better if you open your pores with a warm towel.
  2. Wipe your face with toner and apply serum or ampoule.
  3. Add 50ml Algae powder and 40ml water in a Rubber Bowl and mix well for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  4. Apply in order of forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with a Spatula. Start thinly from outside to inside and apply thickly.
  5. Leave it 15-30 minutes
  6. Peel off the mask and wipe off residues with a Sponge.
  7. Finish by applying your favourite serum and moisturiser.

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