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Basic Moisturizing Set (limited !)

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Product 1. VECLAT OU' C.GNATURE 3 Power Radiant Mask  (1pack 4pcs)

 First step : Ampoule-An enriched ampoule with pure vitamin C for an energized, healthy look.
Second step : Radiant Face Mask-A face mask that leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated and protected. 
Last step : Radiant Serum 

-A hydrating moisturizer for fresher and smoother skin.


 Product 2. MARINE Collagen Mist 



A collagen mist that instantly plumps and hydrates the skin. fills dry skin with moisture. Overtime, can benefit in firming skin.

Key ingredients

  • 4GF: Helps with skin regeneration and skin elasticity.
  • Marine Collagen 8000mg:
  • Natural plant extracts:
  • Paraben Free
It cools and soothes the skin.
The product is rich in moisture. Applying on the skin can lower the temperature of the skin.
It also helps to soothe and relieve skin inflammation and sensitivity.

The product uses Marine Collagen instead of pure water, and Damascus Marine Collagen can provide rich moisture to the skin, replenish the moisture of the deep skin for a long time, and keep the skin moisturized

Help relieve dermatitis and sensitive skin.



It can effectively clean basic cosmetics.
Naturally extracted ingredients containing Tangerine,
the skin has a radiant effect after cleansing, and will not cause dryness and tightness after cleansing

Product 4.

Product 5. EYEBROW SHAVER 3ps



made in KOREA 


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