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  • Decrease body fat, reduce cellulite, eliminate body waste, strengthen muscles and improve skin elasticity with the innovative high-tech mid-frequency EMS with LED light device, LEBODY FORM.
  • To stimulate muscles beneath skin directly, Lebody uses Mid-Frequency currents that can penetrate deep into the muscle beneath skin. For the least skin resistance, pain and discomfort amongst mid-frequency (1KHz 10KHz), Lebody Form uses 1,000 Hz range Mid-Frequency.
  • There are 6 intensity levels and 2 different training modes; gym and slim. Gym Mode: post-training muscle toning and pain relief. Slim Mode: slim and shape the body. Different pulse stimulation patterns used to target different muscle development.
  • The set includes: Lebody Form body device + Massage Cream
  • Made in Korea
  • 1 year warranty to cover any manufacturing faults

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