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Article: Dry skin can be related to Wrinkle skin

Dry skin can be related to Wrinkle skin

Dry skin can be related to Wrinkle skin


Just as clothing trends change from season to season, skin conditions also change little by little depending on the season, regardless of skin type. As a result, change of season can cause skin problems that normally do not show but all the skin problems can be fixed. In particular, the most popular skin problem in the summer and fall season is fine wrinkles that result from dry skin.


In autumn, when the temperature difference is severe and the temperature is low, the skin lacks moisture, has less sebaceous glands like eyes and mouth, and wrinkles are easily formed in thin skin layers. Sometimes not only fine lines, but also pores around the cheek look wider, and when you smile, the fine lines stand out around your mouth and eye areas. If wrinkles show up in areas that originally did not appear noticeable, don't go straight to Botox or expensive anti-wrinkle care but seriously consider whether your skin is dry.


Wrinkles caused by seasonal changes often result from lack of moisture in the skin and thickening of the stratum corneum. Most wrinkles like this are temporary, so it will be better if you take intensive moisturizing care. I recommend that you massage with massage cream about two to three times a week at home, put on a moisturizing pack, and apply serum and ampoule. If your skin is covered with makeup, white keratin, or if you can't absorb cosmetics well, removing keratin from the skin is also effective.


After washing your face, using a steam towel to apply a steam massage to your face can improve blood circulation, purify your complexion, and increase the absorption rate of cosmetics.

If after two weeks of intensive moisturising care your skin still does not show improvement caused by lack of moisture. In this case, it is better to consider more reliable specialized skin care than basic home care.


Dermal therapist Gina's Recommendation 

- Sizoprine DNA Treatment 1h 30min 
- Silk Facial 1h 30min 
- EGF eye & face Serum
- EGF Lifting Eye Cream 
- Veclat OU' C.GNATURE 3 Power Radiant Mask