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Logically, Skin

Logically,skin was found by Skin Reverse Lab, utilising (2016 Nobel prize) Autophagy
Containing active ingredients such as aquatide and exclusive staples individualising it from the rest of the Korean beauty products which has led to the success not only in Korea but internationally.

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Sold outMulti-Lifting Cream 50mlMulti-Lifting Cream 50ml
Multi-Lifting Cream 50ml Sale price$60.00
Aquatide Resurface Serum 50mlAquatide Resurface Serum 50ml
Brightuning Peptide Ampoule 30mlBrightuning Peptide Ampoule 30ml
Sold outAquatide Multi Purpose Toner Mist 200mlAquatide Multi Purpose Toner Mist 200ml
Multi-Corrective Eye Cream 25mlMulti-Corrective Eye Cream 25ml
Hydro Multi Shield SPF 30 40mlHydro Multi Shield SPF 30 40ml
Professional Sun Block SPF 50 70gProfessional Sun Block SPF 50 70g
Multi Lifting Cream Stick pouch 2g x 10eaMulti Lifting Cream Stick pouch 2g x 10ea
Clarifying Green Mask 100gClarifying Green Mask 100g
Mud Cream Mask 100gMud Cream Mask 100g
Mud Cream Mask 100g Sale price$40.00
Multi Vitamin Daily Care Serum 50mlMulti Vitamin Daily Care Serum 50ml
Calamine Purifying Ampoule 30mlCalamine Purifying Ampoule 30ml
Aqua Barrier Stick 12gAqua Barrier Stick 12g
Aqua Barrier Stick 12g Sale price$40.00
ACNE Cleanser 300gACNE Cleanser 300g
ACNE Cleanser 300g Sale price$40.00
A.C Target Cream 30mlA.C Target Cream 30ml
A.C Target Cream 30ml Sale price$32.00
Aquatide Soothing & Lifting Mask Set 25g x 5eaAquatide Soothing & Lifting Mask Set 25g x 5ea
Care Cleansing Foam 200mlCare Cleansing Foam 200ml
Care Cleansing Foam 200ml Sale price$40.00
Aquatide Resurface Serum Stick Pouch 2g x 10PAquatide Resurface Serum Stick Pouch 2g x 10P
Sold outGlutathione Alpha Glow 1.2g X 30eaGlutathione Alpha Glow 1.2g X 30ea
Retinol Alpha White Cream 200gRetinol Alpha White Cream 200g