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February 21, 2021 0 Comments


Many people say that it is a differentiation that makes them distinguish themselves from other brands when they think of one of the many challenges they face when launching the brand. In order to imprint each brand, each company will make every effort to study ingredients, analyze trends, and apply the latest technology trends in various ways to differentiate each product, such as brand concepts and designs.
Each brand is struggling to strengthen its differentiation from its competitors and marketing elements by putting out its own values and establishing packaging manuals. It is fundamental to establish core values and visual concepts to enhance brand competitiveness. At the center of the recent craze are clean beauty and vegan cosmetics, which think about the environment and promote the coexistence of animals and humans. Due to rapid development of non-face-to-face markets, it is actively pushing to reduce emissions of disposable products and introduce naturally decomposing materials such as air-paper, which replaces recycled pulp and vinyl.
The majority of newly introduced brands, renewal brands, or new brands in the K-beauty market are scrambling to put forward the value of clean beauty, vegan, and eco-friendly. These phenomena, which are also considered to be the evolutionary process of cosmetics or the process of returning to the basics of cosmetics, are becoming a huge industry trend that cannot be ignored. If you delete the brand's logo among the products, there are many brands that each product is too similar to be distinguished. Now, it is time for K-beauty to think about where to differentiate their brands away from the product-oriented market.
Since 2014, when cosmetics in South Korea recorded a trade surplus, they have been enjoying rapid growth. It is also a market that has the influence of influencer, which is not ranked the best in the global cosmetics market, but also the best. The global perspective of K-beauty is not a brand-oriented market, but a product-oriented market that is reminiscent of certain products such as mask packs, cushion foundations, and BB cream. In the end, the reality is that when similar products are released from consumers' preferred brands, they have a weak structure that has to be handed over regardless of K-beauty. This is why K-beauty has to pay keen attention to the news of J-beauty's rapid progress and K-beauty's pursuit.
Korea, the mecca of the innovative cosmetics industry, which freely deals with new types, new technologies, and identity fees, must find the value of K-beauty, which cannot be fundamentally competitive, beyond the point of being chased and chased between the groups in front of us. It is time to discover areas that cannot be replaced by existence itself, not by K-beauty, which satisfies the cost-effectiveness compared to premium cosmetics.











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