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Article: How to get nice skin

How to get nice skin

How to get nice skin

Hi Guys, welcome to my video on skin care tips.

(you gyus wanna have healthy, clear and wrinkle free skin? )

I m doing simlple facial for myself at home.
i m applying gel type exfoliato now. Push it down and apply it then gonna leave it for a while,
Today, i m gona talk about how to get or maintain healthy and nice skin while doing self skin care.

(Are you ready to be with me? )

Healthy skin is skin has abilityto  prevent  external damage itself and should be maintain natural moisture.

To this , our skin is continuously working  with raising new dead skin cells every 28days and falling off on its own.

This is self exfoliating process.
But, 28days turnover doesn't work well for various reasons such as aging of the skin and hormonal changes.

if 28days cycle is slown down,dead skin cells pile up. It happens the skin becomes dull and troublesome such as milia, white bumps and pimples. At this point we need to physically exfoliate dead skin cells.

In contrast, skin cells turnover is  sped up, immune  function is down, skin becomes sensitive or dermatitis. atopic skin. you need rather put on enough moisturizer. Never ever exfoliate, find a good moisture cream that suits you. Okay?

When your skin needs to be exfoliated dead skin cells, please, don use scrub type exfoliator, exfoliating towel and exfoliating brush. they are not only too much for your skin but also might have germs in towel and brush.


Instead of those things,
I would recommend chemical peels, there are different types of chemical peels, such as gel type or serum or cream type exfoliating product.



(If you are aged and dry skin, i would recommend night peel cream once a week at night.)

I m using it too. I apply serum and this cream. I love it, it's easy and simple to use.  pick up1or2 and just apply it instead of  moisturizing cream in the end. I feel my skin's softer and brighter next morning.

Alright, It's time to wash off exfoliating gel.
this is called a Gommage. I m gonna gently rubbing it off.  it's coming out like dirt.

This isn't my actual dirt. this Gomage  exfoliating product is not dirt coming out from your skin, the ingredients this product come together to soften and gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Usually, this Gomage is used by professionals at the skin care salon. If you wanna use it at home, use it every two weeks. It's actully good for cleansing pores and purifying complexion.
The Gommage has no irritation.

 Okay, I will apply mask.

Make sure, Enough moisture must be provided after chemical peel like (Alpha and Beta hydroxy acid or) Gommage. If you don't have mask,  apply enough moisturizer cream.

Oright, guys, i will finish up soon, skin cell turnover cycle should go well to get nice skin.
To the regular cycle, exfoliating is not only important but also your life style is important.
Get Enough and good sleep, drink plenty of water and eat well.
Also, Apply moisturizer frequently.

thank you for watching my video. I hope you will try my skin care tips and contact me if you have any questions or wish to purchase any of the products used in today's video"

Catch you later 

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