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Article: Please, wash your face like this.

Please, wash your face like this.

Please, wash your face like this.

Hi guys,  
Did you guys wash face this morning? 
Some of guys might be lazy to wash face because you just stay around home all day during lockdowns. 
Today, I'm gonna talk about the right way of Cleansing. Cleansing step is the basic important part for healthy skin care. 
I figured out many people are doing Cleansing the wrong way throughout  skin consultation. 
For instance,  some people said " my skin is dry and sensitive so, i always wash face with only water in the morning" 
Or say that " I do a lot of Cleansing steps everyday. I use make up remover when i put on makeup, and I use Cleansing milk, I clean face with foam cleanser after that, and then exfoliate, "

It could damage your skin. 

Everyone think we should cleanse face properly at night,  because the skin becomes dirty throughout all day from dust in the air, bad things in outside. 
But, you guys should cleanse face properly in the morning as well. 
Let's think about it while you are alseep, what's going on your skin. 
You guys do more care for skin at night. Right? 
After Cleansing, you apply toner, serum or might apply Ampoule,  moisturizer, eyecream, night cream, sometimes, sleeping mask the end. 
Well, that's good so far, and then you go to bed. You might fall a sleep expecting all good cosmetic ingredients are working well all night. 
But, your face touches pillow, blanket, hubby's clothes which has fine dust, ticks, sweat ,
Also, dust in the air of the bedroom can be stick on your skin. Those bad things skin can be easily stick on your skin because your skin sticky with cosmetic products. Right? This happening can cause skin inflammation..
It's common sense. 
 Another reason, cosmetic product like rich based night cream has a lot of oil in, water isn't enough to wipe it off. 
So, you all should cleanse face properly with foam cleanser in the morning. Doesn't matter your skin type. Okay? 
Let's move on next, is that right thing you cleanse face with too many steps and too long? 
The skin has a barrier, this barrier consists of stratum corneum and lipids. The skin barrier has natural moisturizing and natural oil that protect our skin. 
But, if you cleanse face too much, the skin barrier can be damaged. It causes natural moisturizing and oil reduce down. 
Then, your skin becomes dry and sensitive. Okay? 
Next, let me explain how to wash face in right way,  actually, Cleansing step and cleanser should be different depends on skin type. 
You guys should choose suitable cleanser for your skin condition. 
There are various types of cleanser on the market, such as cleansing milk like this, foam cleanser , mouse type cleanser.
I love mouse type cleanser., it's soft , doesn't give any irritating, doesn't feel dry after Cleansing with this. 
If your skin is dry and sensitive, use Cleansing milk and mouse type cleanser at night, use one of this in the morning. 
If your skin is oily, Cleansing milk, foam cleanser, toner day and night. 
Also, it's better to do exfoliate in regular. 
But, don't use scrub, it's too much 
I would recommend Peeling products like Alpha hydroxy acid 
or peeling gel .
These all products are used in skin clinic. Our therapist are using all them Skin&light. 
To keep moisturizing in the skin, or maintain clear skin, regular exfoliation is  also important. 
When it comes to dead skin piles up, skin becomes dry, dull and rough.  because dead skin blocks the pathway where cosmetic products go down into skin. 
Do you know why korean people have good skin?
I would say, Because, we love washing.
Most of family love to go to public bath every weekend. People spend time on bathing, exfoliating especially using this
Have you seen this ? 
It's called Itali towel, no idea why we call it itali towel. In there, everyone peels dead skin off using sort of this exfoliant clothes. 
Actually, dead skin should fall off itself in regular, then it should replace to new skin. This natual process is cell turnover. 
The cell turnover is made in healthy and young skin. It takes around 40days 
As we ages or in damaged skin, the turnover slows down. 
So, you guys need regular exfoliation of course, depends on skin type. 
My skin type is dry and sensitive, I m using deep peeling gel and night peel cream twice a week.
I love deep peeling gel, it's called gomage, this is gently and easily comes off dead skin. After exfoliating, i apply night peel cream.
Look this 
Fruit extract acid containing in the cream, which helps to melt dead skin out during the sleeping. 
I feel it's fresh and bright next morning. 


Let me briefly go through a few points  again in summary and finish. 




1. Remember, the right way of Cleansing 

2. Do not wash your face with only water in the morning 

3. Do not wash face with too much steps at once. 

4. Choose suitable cleanser for skin type

5. Exfoliate dead skin in regular basis 

Thanks See you later 

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