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Multi Vitamin Daily Care Serum 50ml

Sale price$70.00

This innovative blend of multi-vitamins works wonders, revitalising the skin and revealing a radiant, healthier complexion instantly.
Multi Vitamin Daily Care Serum 50ml
Multi Vitamin Daily Care Serum 50ml Sale price$70.00

Gentle Yet Effective

Elevate Your Skin's Potential

Crafted with Logical Skin's unique blend, this serum is designed for sensitive skin, targeting issues like uneven tone, rough texture, and aging signs. Enriched with Adenosine and Aquatide, it guarantees to enhance your skin, guard against inflammation, and shield from UV exposure. Your skin's revitalization begins here

Elevate Your Routine

Give your skin the vitamins it craves. Our serum boasts a 10% multi-vitamin complex that promotes smooth, firm, and clear skin

Essential Vitamins

Featuring essential vitamins like Riboflavin B2, Biotin B7, Niacin, and Pyridoxine, each contributing to energy production, skin health, and even sebum control

Usage Instructions

After your regular skincare routine, apply 3-4 drops of the serum, gently massaging it into areas needing attention, such as texture, elasticity, and tone. Use it morning and evening for daily care that truly shines

Experience the revitalizing touch of Multi Vitamin Daily Care Serum—

your daily essential for radiant, confident skin