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Aqua Barrier Stick 12g

Sale price$26.51

Revitalise your skin with the Aqua Barrier Stick – moisturising balm in a compact stick.

Delightful and light texture that absorbs right into your skin smoothly providing instant hydration for your skin anytime and anywhere throughout the day.


Aqua Barrier Stick 12g
Aqua Barrier Stick 12g Sale price$26.51

Discover Instant Relief with Aqua Barrier Stick

This innovative stick-type formula offers on-the-go hydration and cooling comfort, backed by proven clinical efficacy. Designed for convenience and hygienic application, it aligns with your skin's optimal temperature, providing rapid relief and a refreshing sensation. Stay moisturised and revitalised wherever your day takes you

Proven Cooling Efficacy

Backed by clinical trials and real user reviews, this stick offers more than words. Experience the rapid cooling and soothing effect for yourself

Hygienic & Effortless

With its easy-to-use stick format, application is mess-free and hygienic. Say goodbye to direct hand contact while enjoying hassle-free hydration.

Optimal Skin Comfort

Crafted to match your skin's optimal temperature, the Aqua Barrier Stick not only cools but also calms, keeping your skin in its happy place throughout the day