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Aquatide Multi Purpose Toner Mist 200ml

Sale price$60.00

Multi-purpose toner mist formulated with aquatide. Make your skin care routine hassle free with this refreshing mist that requires no effort. Replenishing way to start and end your routine.
Aquatide Multi Purpose Toner Mist 200ml
Aquatide Multi Purpose Toner Mist 200ml Sale price$60.00

Calm + Moisturize + Clean

Soothing irritated skin and toning skin texture - The first step of skin care that can be used as a daily mist.

After noticing an increasing number of people using the mist as a toner pack rather than a simple moisturising mist, we transformed the mist into asmaller, more portable empty bottle for addedconvenience.

Revitalize Skin with Mist & Toner Pack Sponge

Revitalize your skin daily with a
refreshing mist. Use it after washing your face, before bedtime, during office
hours, or whenever you need a hydration boost.
Elevate your everyday skincare routine with this nourishing spray.

Experience a lighter and soothing
alternative to mask packs with our Toner Pack Sponge. Simply wet a cotton pad
or sponge, and use it as a refreshing and moisturizing toner pack, providing
relief without the effort of applying mask packs.

Transform your skin texture before and
after makeup application with our Multi-Purpose Mist. Spray it evenly on your
face before applying foundation or cushion to ensure a seamless blend without interfering with the makeup base. Even during
touch-ups, reapplying makeup maintain a flawless and organised texture.