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Calamine Purifying Ampoule 30ml

Sale price$60.00

Discover the power of our purifying ampoule enriched with the dynamic duo of Adenosine and Calamine. Using our innovative technology, it's designed to promote a clear and even complexion, giving your skin a daily boost of radiance.
Calamine Purifying Ampoule 30ml
Calamine Purifying Ampoule 30ml Sale price$60.00

Quick Soothing Power

Calamine Purifying Ampoule for Troubled Skin

Say hello to our Calamine Purifying Ampoule – your superhero against acne and pesky skin troubles. Packed with the goodness of 3% Calamine, a superstar ingredient recognized by the WHO, this ampoule is like a gentle hug for your irritated skin


Calamine is your go-to for soothing various skin concerns, from acne and blackheads to pores and texture. It's a multitasker that helps calm down redness and keeps your skin satisfied


Formulated with a minimalist approach, this ampoule prioritises gentleness for sensitive skin without compromising on results. It's a safe bet, even for the most delicate skin types. This moist, pink-viscous formula absorbs rapidly, leaving your skin feeling smooth and beautifully primed


Infused with Aquatide and Sebodulin, this ampoule provides the power of autophagy activation to comprehensively address trouble formation. It soothes inflammation, manages redness, and improves overall skin health


Whether applied directly or blended with toner or cream, this moist, pink-viscous formulation absorbs rapidly with a smooth finish. For sensitive days, a calming approach involves placing a soaked cotton pad or swab on the area for 1-2 minutes